About Us

F&M Real Estate is a company born with the desire to provide a quality service to our customers, from the experience that give us more than 30 years advising companies, and from the baggage we have gained at national and international level in Real Estate business.

Under the premises of personalized attention and total exclusivity to our customers, we may ensure we provide the widest range of properties that can be found in our area of ​​influence, which includes towns like Benalmádena, Torremolinos and the city of Málaga.

An added value of F&M Real Estate to their customers is the ability to offer a full service property management, because we have a range of professionals that ensure absolute tranquility in the management of documents, insurance, registration, notary… providing a total and absolute advice.

Definitely, and always under the premise that F&M Real Estate is aware of the enthusiasm generated by the process of purchasing a home, which is full of moments of happiness, illusion and satisfaction.