Neukonstruktion - Benalmádena (Ref: AHP-P10-062204)

2.400.000 €

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Neukonstruktion - Benalmádena

Palm 10 - Luxury villa in harmony with the natural environment.

This fantastic villa is characterized by the rectangular architectural lines, the large windows that flood the space with light and its majestic Mediterranean garden. From the rectangular shapes and majestic windows, the main premise of this property is to flood the spaces with natural light. The touches of wood and warm light inside provide an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy.

The penetration of reflected light into the rectangular architecture of the interior creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. The Italian kitchen with wood and marble finishes adds a sophisticated touch to the space, creating an upscale room. The master bedroom is very unique due to its spaciousness and the reflection of the exterior architecture. It has a dressing room with warm light and views of the Mediterranean Sea and the local palm grove. It is characterised by its privacy as it occupies an entire floor of this large villa. Space that allows you to reconnect to the sound of the nature that surrounds you. It is especially separated from the rest of the house, acquiring the added value of privacy that we all need. Tangible privacy in this space. Enjoy the huge sofa while watching a movie in the wonderful Home Cinema.


Art Neukonstruktion

Eingebaute: 400 m2

Ausrichtung Sued

Schlafzimmer 5

Badezimmer <5

Terrasse 285 m2

Grundstueck 1152 m2



Nahe Strand

Golf in der Naehe


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